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Emergency Response/Evacuation Procedures

The purpose of this plan is to establish a procedure to assure that competent medical care is provided to students and staff in the event of a medical emergency.  It is also a goal of the plan to minimize the likelihood of treatment action being taken which harms rather than helps the victim.

The following rules shall govern the response of staff members to a medical emergency arising on school grounds.

 A.  When the nature of the emergency is such that professional care is indicated, obtaining treatment from qualified EMT or hospital personnel shall be the first priority.  An ambulance shall be summoned unless there is no doubt that the person can be safely transported to an emergency treatment facility by automobile.  In either case, the goal is to get the person to the emergency treatment facility as safely and as quickly as possible.

B.  First aid efforts administered by school personnel should encompass the least amount of treatment necessary in the circumstances.  It is the school’s policy that all medical treatment should be accomplished by trained medical personnel unless emergency situations arise which dictate otherwise.

  1. School personnel should never dispense any medications to any student at any time.
  1. CPR, Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation, etc., should only be attempted by those person who have had training in the techniques.
  1. The school shall attempt to notify the person designated by the student whenever an accident or emergency occurs and the student is unable to make the notification.
  1. Students shall be responsible for the costs of any medical care, ambulance, fees, or other charges arising as a result of a medical emergency involving the student.




            In case of fire, persons occupying the facilities will be instructed to proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly manner.  A member of the staff or faculty will either call or instruct someone to call 911 emergency.


       In the case of a bomb threat, all will be notified to proceed to exit the building in an orderly manner, getting to a safe distance away from the building.  A member of the staff or faculty will proceed to notify the local authorities by dialing  911 emergency.


        In the event or a tornado warning or sighting, all have been instructed and will be instructed to proceed to the nearest classroom or a room away from the front glass structure of the building.  Everyone should stay there until the sign of safety has been given.



        If the students are in school when the threat of snow or flooding is known, the director of the institution or the faculty member in charge will decide on the dismissal of class in compliance with the instructions or recommendations given by the local authorities.  Also it is recommended that the staff member in charge during such a crisis, is to follow the lead of the local count public school action of the campus where this type of crisis is occurring.


        In the event of an approaching hurricane or strong tropical storm, the director at his/her discretion, cancel classes in order to avoid placing students or employees in peril.


         In the event of any other emergency situations,  please follow the lead of the School Director or the staff member in charge.


          In the event that any injury or accident should occur on school premises, the instructors are to immediately attend to the incident at hand, but if it is one of great severity, please notify 911 emergency.
          All accidents or injuries, no matter how minor, must be reported to your instructor immediately, a full report will be made to the School Director.