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Biennial Drug Free Review Checklist

____Determine person responsible for coordinating a program.

_____Review signed compliance records to assure that the required packet is being appropriately distributed to all students and employees and that an annual distribution is occurring.

_____Review confidential survey responses to measure the program's effectiveness and determine specific needs.

_____Review confidential student and employee records, which contain documentation/treat-ment referrals, disciplinary actions including expulsions and terminations, and related notifications to law enforcement authorities.

_____Determine annual date on which distribution of packet to students and employees will be repeated.

_____Determine student and employee files to insure that copies of acknowledgment have been included.

_____Determine that applicable local (city, county, township, etc.) and local, state, and federal legal sanctions for drug and alcohol statue violations are readily accessible.

_____Determine that names and home numbers of any substance abuse treatment, counseling, rehabilitation, or re-entry programs in the local area are readily accessible.

_____Determine that informative pamphlets are displayed, including "Common Drug Abuse" document. (Attached)

_____Determine the "Drug Free Awareness Programs" statement (attached) is posted on employee bulletin boards.

_____Determine that a procedure for addressing this matter with each new student and employee at the time of orientation has been established.